Month: April 2014

The First Few Weeks

The first trimester of my pregnancy was absolute H-E- double hockey sticks. I had all the symptoms that indicated there was a life forming inside my womb. From morning sickness to odor sensitivity, I experienced it all. However, if there was one word that can sum up that entire 12 weeks, it’d be hunger. Oh yes…hunger. The one thing all living, breathing creature had, pregnant or not, was something I felt to the 10th degree.

For those first three months, the amount of food I consumed literally determined everything, my mood, my level of friendliness, my tolerance for other people’s stupidity, and the amount of affection I was willing to show my boyfriend. The hunger I felt was not the ordinary I-skipped-breakfast kind if hunger. I would eat a full meal and half an hour later, it would be as if I hadn’t eaten anything at all! My jaw was working overtime trying to eat enough food for my starving baby. I remember waking up two to three times in the middle of the night just to eat. I would keep boxes of cereal (the healthy whole grain kind like kashi) near me so when I’m too tired to get out of bed, I can just eat without having to get up.

But just because I needed to eat, doesn’t mean that what I ate would stay down. As I’m sure all you prego ladies out there know, there are just certain foods, whether it’d be flavor or consistency, that would just make you puke like there’s no tomorrow. For me, it was anything mushy like strawberries and mashed potatoes. Yep, those things were stricken off my diet during this time. And it wasn’t just that, eating too much of the same thing would make me throw up as well. One night for dinner, my honey decided to treat me to Olive Garden (oh how I love their unlimited salad and breadsticks!) and at that time, they were having a buy one take one special which basically means you eat a meal at the restaurant and they give you one to take home. Well, that night I finished all my pasta at the restaurant and upon my arrival at home, I nuked up the food I took home because I was hungry again. Biggest regret ever. My body was completely rejecting the food that I had consumed too much of. I was in the bathroom for a good while as the contents of my stomach was emptying itself into the toilet.

It was during these few weeks that I realize how important it is for a soon-to-be-mama to have a really good and caring baby daddy. My boyfriend (fiancé soon to be hubby) was the absolute best. He would take care of all the chores while I just relaxed and deal with the symptoms of being pregnant. Because of my odor sensitivity, he would wake up before I did just to brush his teeth. He loved me through my tantrums and my annoying need to eat every hour. He endured through every tear that sprouted from silly arguments and every emotional outburst I had. Lucky for him, that period of “oh my gosh I’m secretly killing her in my head” was over right when my 12 weeks was over. I guess there is a light at the end of every tunnel.


Saturday Morning Cars and Coffee

Waking up early on a Saturday is definitely not the business. But this past Saturday, that’s exactly what I did. I still wake up 2-3 times a night to nurse my daughter. So when she woke up at her usual 3:30 to eat, I was just praying to nurse her back to sleep as soon a possible. Well, right when she started dozing off, I breathed a sigh of relief, turned off the lamp next to my bed, closed my eyes and started to enjoy the view of the back of my eyelids. The beautiful nothingness I see when I’m tired and I’m telling my mind to just shut off and go back to dreamland. And I slept for the next few hours….not. My alarm went off at 4 am, not really waking me up since I wasn’t lucky enough to get any sleep at all after feeding my baby. The first thought that ran through my head was “I regret this, I regret this! Who in their right mind would plan a 4 am outing to go look at cars and drink coffee?!” Yep, that’s exactly what we did.

Needless to say, I was sleeping the entire ride from La Habra to Irvine. Despite the fact that my bubba’s car is bouncy like heck and lowered to the ground like an Amish lady’s skirt (his car sparks on the freeway), I was tired enough to get some shut eye as he drove us to our destination. When we got there, I still slept. Not like a baby though. I was sleeping in such an awkward position that my right butt cheek went numb. And the thought “I regret this” came back into my head as I woke up and felt the tingly numbness from my right leg falling asleep. But baby Rachel was still sleeping and it was a good excuse to just stay in the car. Well, Rachel woke up about ten minutes later and my excuse to stay in the car was out the window. I text my hubby to get the stroller out of the trunk and out into the cold we went.

When I say cold, I mean it was freezing (at least to me). I was afraid my baby would get too cold so I layered her daddy’s sweater on top of her blanket. We walked around for a few minutes, looked at some fancy cars, and she got hungry so I went back into the car to nurse her. After she was done, I went back outside to finish looking at the last few rows of cars. Since daddy already put the stroller back in the trunk (he wanted to push that thing around the parking lot with no baby inside -___-“) I had a BRILLIANT idea. I carried Rachel against my chest and put daddy’s sweater on BACKWARDS! Yep. It kept both of us warm and since the sweater was supporting her if she were to lean backwards, all I had to do was support her weight on my forearm which saved so much muscle strength in my biceps haha. Anyways, my bubby was too busy taking pictures of the cars there but he did manage to snap one picture of me and Rachel in front of some cars 🙂

And a couple more pictures before we left. The sun was in her big beautiful eyes so she couldn’t open it all the way.

This is the only picture where her eyes aren’t closed.

So after cars and coffee, we were starving since I doubt any of us had any breakfast. And so we all made a unanimous decision to go eat brunch at Denny’s. Nothing much to mention about Denny’s except that the restrooms were exceptionally clean (I usually dislike going into public restrooms but this was definitely much cleaner than most). And before we left, two of our crew members, Lance and Eric, decided to play with the claw machines by the doorway. I never have any luck with that, I’m terribly bad with judging distance and what not through windows, but they sure did. Uncle Eric won baby Rachel a cute little colorful bunny 😀

And Lance won Eric a Star Trek doll. Here’s the sexy couple with their cute doll baby haha. They didn’t have time to buy a doll car seat so what’s the next best thing to do? Hang it by its earlobes (doll had plugs…weird) on handle by the passenger door.

So after Denny’s, we all just headed home.  I slept the ENTIRE way home. I was so tired I drooled in my sleep. But all in all, a very productive Saturday.

Till next time,
Mrs. Uncle Bob