So this past Saturday, my hubby took the fam bam to TORC (Toyota Owners Restoration Club). It’s basically a car show for Toyota fans. We’ve been going for the past few years but only as spectators. This year was different because my husband decided to enter his car into the showing. So that means waking up at 6 am…on a Sarurday…to drive to Long Beach…and sit in a long line of cars to wait your turn to be staged.

I’ve been to many car shows with my bubba but this was definitely a new experience. Usually, we would be able to just come and go as we please but since his car was in the show, we weren’t able to leave until after the show closed and all the spectators left. Knowing that we’d be there all day, we brought fold out chairs and mats so we can claim a territory under what little shade the trees provided. We marked our spot then headed out to look at all the different cars.

Here’s me and my baby just taking pics to pass the time.

It was extremely hot (maybe not that hot but the sun was burning on my skin) so walking around for even 10-15 minutes was absolute torture. I made sure to sunblock my fair-skinned child and myself. And even with the sunblock, I was walking around covering my baby up with an umbrella haha.

we looked at a few cars then went back to the shade to get some rest. And because we didn’t pick up any breakfast (we were running a bit late) i headed to the booths all the way at the other side of the venue to grab a bite to eat. Needless to say, the price for a teriyaki bowl and sausage link was up the butt. I spent a total of $20 and got meager amounts of food. And to make it even worse, as I was holding the very expensive bowl of chicken and rice, my lovely child decided that she wanted to play with it so it tipped over and all the food spilled 😦

Everything else that day just consisted of waiting…waiting for the show to be over, waiting to go home. And so just to kill time, I decided to take a nap when baby was napping. I slept for a good half an hour or so and woke up to one of our friends telling me that my hubby’s car won 2nd place. I thought she was joking at first but nope, she was serious. So surprising since the car has nothing major done to it. Maybe the judges just liked the simplicity of it.

So after all of that, we were all absolutely exhausted but the hunger definitely superseded the exhaustion so we headed to one of Korean BBQ spots for some grub. After an hour or two more of socializing, we went home and did what everyone probably did…sleep 🙂

Until next time,
Mrs. Uncle Bob


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